EV (Electric Vehicle) Battery Chargers | Pyramid Electronics
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EV Battery Chargers

EV Battery Charger

Main Features of EV Battery Chargers

EV Battery Charger

  • Supports BEVC-AC001 specifications
  • Designed with 3 sockets to charge up to 15A per socket (or 3.3KW)
  • Wired & optional wireless network conncetivity for back office integration
  • Robust IP55 design
  • Pedestal mount/wall mount or pole mount design

Additional Features of EV Battery Chargers (EBC)

  • Innovation: We foster innovation with best in class comonents with 20 years of experience and expertise in power electronics.
  • Flexibilty: Our charging stations supports key standards such as Bharat EV Standard, and support both low voltage and high volatge battery platforms.
  • Scalability: We deliever highest and consistent quality in time, evry time, and in any volume you need.
  • Low Maintenance: 24×7 Help Centre Desk, Pan India service support, remote diagonistics & upgrades allow hassle free operations of all charging stations.
  • Ease of Use: Our charging stations come with easy to use UI and various capacities ranging from 15 KW to 150KW making them suitable for all types of electric vehicles.
  • Intelligence: Use of high efficiency rectifiers, smart charging alogrithms, load balancing allow intelligent and efficient charging at all time.
  • Customization: We offer what you need by proving support for customized software features and customer specific requirements.
  • Connectivity: Internet connected chargers offer flexibility to connect to back office payment platform and energy management solution
EV Battery Charger
EV Battery Charger


  • Fleets: Electrifying your fleet provides more enjoyable rides for your customers and lowers total cost of ownership for your company.
  • Workplaces: We enable corporates to showcase your company’s commitment towards innovative and sustainable future.
  • Retail and Commercial Parking: Availabilty of EV Chargers at your place will ensure smooth transition to electric mobility by ensuring 24×7 access to safe & efficient charging for your customers.
  • Real Estate: By placing EV chargers at your real estate you will be investing in green mobility and will attract new age enviornment friendly tenants.