Grid Tied Solar Inverters - Intelligent Power Management system
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Grid Tied Solar Inverters

Grid Tied Solar Inverters (GTSI)

The government of India recognizes the need for sustainable, eco-friendly, and innovative recyclable resource-based energy solutions and with nearly 300 sunny days in India, the government through National Solar Mission is mobilizing infrastructure to create 100 Giga Watts of solar electricity generation capacity by 2022.

Grid Connected Solar Roof-Top Installations would be a major player in achieving the 100GW target. Grid-Tied Solar Inverters are the heart of solar roof-top power generating system. Pyramid Electronics has recently designed and developed Grid-Tied Solar Inverters for roof-top applications. Our aim is to indigenize the grid-tied solar inverters. Currently, almost 100% of the grid-tied solar inverters in India are imported from Europe/China. European Inverters are known for their quality and higher power handling capability, whereas Chinese inverters are known for their lower cost and thus are very popular in the Indian market.

We have designed our inverters such that the quality and power handling capability matches those of European Inverters. At the same time, our inverters are cost-competitive with most of the good Chinese inverter brands. By the end of 2021, we will be ready with Grid-Tied Solar inverters up to 50 KW.


Currently, the following Grid-Tied Solar Inverters are in production:

  • Single-phase inverters- 1.1 KW to 5 KW
  • Three-phase inverters- 5 KW to 15 KW


Features of Grid-Tied Solar Inverters:-

  • Pyramid Inverters have been completely researched, designed, and developed in-house. Further 100% of production from scratch is in-house and thus the inverters are “MADE IN INDIA” in their true sense.
  • Any sort of customization can be done to the inverters:
    • Customized Power level
    • Customized number of MPPT Trackers/String configuration
    • Customized zero export control
  • One of the first commercially available Grid Tied Solar Inverter based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power devices technology.
  • With SiC Power devices technology, our inverters have unmatchable power conversion efficiency and power density (minimum volume for a given power level)
  • For remote monitoring, both WiFi and GSM have been integrated into all our inverters.
  • Excellent customer support:
    • We have around 60 service centers spread across India
    • Greater than 95% uptime guaranteed for inverters installed within India and inverter replacement with three days of failure
    • Standard warranty of 5 years. Extendable up to 7 or 10 years at additional cost
    • Automatic and free of cost remote monitoring: All our inverters are connected to a central server that monitors all the inverters round the clock for any failures. In case of failure, the customer and PV installer will be informed via mail/mobile and the inverter is replaced within three days of failure detection.
  • A mobile app/web app for remote monitoring of Inverters is available (both Android and iOS versions available).